About Us


Expediting Sales through Online Marketing and Offer Management Technology


Bridging the gap between internet browsing and internet sales, BidSelect® is a vibrant and distinctive real estate marketplace providing buyers and sellers with the ability to interact and transact online using our patent pending offer management technology. Over the years, BidSelect has successfully marketed and sold residential and commercial real estate assets held by government agencies, banks, lending institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Trusted by some of the largest institutions, BidSelect is known as a streamlined, secure and highly efficient environment that can increase buyer offers and accelerate sales.


BidSelect also markets smaller portfolios, supporting franchise agencies and individual real estate professionals through its BrokerSelect Network program. Extending the marketing power and offer management technology of BidSelect to your clients provides you with an advantage over traditional methods and will expose your client's property to a greater number of buyers. BidSelect provides a unique combination of extensive online marketing exposure with a unique online offer management workflow. Real-time offer review and counter offer negotiation provides complete and accurate offers with and audit trail of offer activity. Agents can easily manage the process from listing to contract.


Active Network of Buyers and Real Estate Professionals


BidSelect is known for expediting sales and reducing a seller's hold time. This is due, in part, to a national network of buyers and real estate professionals who are actively seeking to rent or purchase real estate. Buyers looking for a home find helpful tools and detailed property information without obligation to register. Real Estate Professionals market and source properties for their clients and prefer BidSelect because they can transact in a secure environment with other Real Estate Professionals who are committed to quality and expediting sales through an online process.


A First Preston HT Company


BidSource Technologies, LLC was formed in 2004 and is a First Preston HT company specializing in real estate services and customized solutions for agencies, institutions and investors. For more information, please visit our company website.