Fees and payment for Listing Agents and Listing Brokers joining the BrokerSelect Network Only


You agree that Your access and use of the BST System is subject to certain fees and that, as applicable, the following fees (collectively, the "Fees") may apply:

  1. Fees.
    • Annual Registration. By completing a registration as a listing agent or listing broker on the BST System, you are joining the BrokerSelect Network. Membership in this network provides you with certain privileges, which may include consideration as a listing broker by BST asset management clients. Current fees for BrokerSelect Network Membership are $99.00 per year.
    • Changes. The Fees are subject to change from time to time in BST's sole discretion. BST will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide You thirty (30) days' written notice of any changes in Fees.
  2. Payment.
    • The Fees shall be automatically charged to the payment method specified by you in your account. Such transactions shall be governed by the Credit Card Authorization Agreement
  3. Failure to Pay.

    In the event You fail to pay the Fees due under this Agreement, BST shall reserve the right, but not the obligation, to suspend or terminate Your right to use the BST System and/or access the BST Site, with no prior notice to You.

  4. Cancelation and Refunds.

    You may cancel your BrokerSelect Network Membership at any time, however, because your registration fee is a Membership admittance fee (renewed annually), not a usage fee, BST will not refund your registration fee or any portion thereof upon cancellation. Upon cancellation of your BrokerSelect Network Membership, you will continue to receive the on-line benefits of the BrokerSelect Network through the time remaining on your annual Membership, however, you will not be charged for renewal of your Membership at the end of your Membership term and, once your Membership term expires, you will no longer receive the benefits of a BrokerSelect Network agent if you have canceled.